Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Black and Blue...and White

There are these trees, a line of them, just around the corner from my home. They stand on a little hump in the middle of a school field - silver birches and trees of a kind I don't know with a very dark bark. They're nice trees - welcome shade in the summer, graceful and pretty...but I don't notice them much anymore. Except, occasionally, on a blue sky day when the branches are bare of leaves (as they still are and probably will be until the beginning of May)and the sunlight catches the papery white back of the birch trees making them shine. Then, the contrast of dark and light branches against a bright blue sky makes me catch my breath.


  1. I think bare trees are beautiful. My husband says the buds are beginning to swell on our trees but I think it's wishful thinking, ;-)

  2. I also think that bare trees are beautiful. They look stern and austere--yel have a different grace than whenn fully leafed out.

    thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is very interesting. MB