Friday, April 10, 2009

The ducks are back!

Spring is here!
The ducks are back!

For the past five years this pair of ducks has turned up in our back yard in Spring. Sometimes they arrive ridiculously early in March. This year they are a little late -but nontheless welcome for that! They nest beside a pond just accross the way from us but the pond never has water before the May long weekend. Every winter the pond is emptied and then, in spring, the Fire Service guys come and fill it up...too much risk of it freezing before May.

These ducks hang around the neighbourhood wandering in and out of yards eating bird seed and waiting for the water. Some years we get big spring snowfalls, wet heavy snow that can be deep. When this happens the ducks waddle around up to their necks in the white stuff looking very surprised. Things always work out though and by June they are wandering down the pathways trailing a necklace of fluffy ducklings. They stop the traffic every time they cross the road from the pond to their residental neighbourhood hangout .
Welcome back guys!
It's good to see you again!

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  1. Always a nice touch to have the same birds come back year after year. I have quite a few guests year round at the veranda, and I often find myself talking to the birds...