Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clearly not flying!

I was at an agricultural show today. These little chicks were like tiny bundles of sunshine on a grey, cold day. The weather forecast promised yet more flurries for the evening. I wanted to pick up a chick and tuck it into my shirt pocket. It would be like carrying a little piece of spring with you whereever you went.

Until it grew into a large unwieldy and, no doubt, protesting chicken - when it would be more like carrying your own tornado!


  1. You would be surprised how intellegent these chickens get to be. We now have 7 Leghorn hens. Bryan can go into the shop and tell the hens to get up on the roosts because he is going to turn the generator off and one by one up they go. If he turns the lights off without the warning they can't see and have a horrible time. We really like our chickens.