Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out of focus isn't always bad

I know it's out of focus...and blurred...and maybe you can't tell exactly what you're looking at... but for me this photo captures a moment.
A dark, warm cave of a club on a cold winter night.
A glass of red wine.
Great music played with energy.
My head resting against the shoulder of the guy I've loved for ever.
And isn't that what life is like anyway?
It's a little blurred, a little hazy in the memory.
Often not perfect but somehow more interesting because of the imperfections.
I like how life keeps you guessing and then,
from time to time,
once in a while,
it serves up some moments that shine like gold in your memory.
Moments like this one.
P.S. It's a saxaphone! But you knew that...didn't you?


  1. Of course I knew! I love saxophone - one of my favourites, and I love red wine not only in winter night:)