Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Grape Conversations!

I was at the Farmers Market last weekend and popped into this barn of a wine storm housed in an old aircraft hangar...the site for the market is on what used to be a barracks. Two guys were having an animated discussion on what wine to buy (the place has a lot of choice!) and I whipped out my camera just as they stopped waving their hands around and came to an agreement.

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  1. I love it but....still Friday here:)
    The placeis superb anyway, would like to pop in!

  2. Grape conversations! I love a good pun (and photograph).

  3. Smells of summer and warm air and dry wood and calm Sundays with nothing else to do than love life ...

  4. The shadows are very very clear. I also like the slant of the image which helps to reinforce the animation of the discussion.

  5. A cool shot, indeed!

    So, they agreed what to buy, eh? §:-))

    Have a fun Sunday!

  6. very neat photo! you captured the wine bottles and the shadows quite well :)

    hope you bought a bottle or two yourself ;)

  7. Hi, waiting for another post here. Meanwhile left something for you on my Urban Story blog
    Please pop round and collect:)

  8. Hey Girl, great shot you took there :) cya MonikaROse