Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A True Story of Many Moons

on a summer morning,
I leaned over the side of a ferry.
Peered down into ocean water
hazy with salt,
but calm.
Below me, translucent moon jellies drifted,
pale and milky, they floated with the tide.
And as far out across the water,
as deep into it's green depths as I could see,
jellies hung like silent ghosts,
thousands upon thousands of them.
Jellyfish like whispers of ocean waves.
Jellyfish like shadows of ancient stars fading into a liquid morning sky.
And I imagined grey, and green,
speckled, brown and dun coloured fish
resting on the ocean floor,
gazing up into their watery sky,
watching the suspended globes bobbing far above them.
Imagined the quiet jellies as remnants of cold fishy dreams.
Imagined I could remain forever,
my legs pressed against rough metal
my body rocking with the boat.
Imagined I could reach down
to gently press each jelly
and feel the hard kernal of truth at its core.
I found a picture of these amazing creatures here if you want to see them:


  1. You have a great blog. I like the flow in your words.
    The lucid text and vivid imagery compliments each other so well.

  2. The reflections on the water are so cool ... lightrays coming out of space .. kind of ...

  3. That was beautiful.
    I once saw such thing... having a ride with a fisher man in his canoa...the wather was so still there that I maneged to see a tiny cilindric jellyfish

  4. Hey, I had a look at your blog. I like.

  5. Lovely photo ... beautiful poem.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Great poem! Portuguese Man of War are actually very pretty too, but I steer clear of those buggers.

  7. The rays of light on the water are stunning!

  8. Beautiful post, and such a calming, serene photo.

  9. That image is mesmerising: such wonderful perspective. The blues are gorgeous. And just the soft lap as that tiny wave washes the gravel. Lovely ...

    I do like the structure and the language of your poem. The combination of the two are quite magical.

    Taa ...

  10. Thanks for all the kind comments! I love reading poetry...just wish I could really write it as well as some people!