Sunday, March 1, 2009

Railroads to Nowhere

On this railroad to emptiness,
the relentless
forward thrust of the tracks
is futile.
The journey to anywhere,
goes nowhere and.
interstices of time
gape open.
Moments when nothing is happening,
and nothing is anticipated.
When the hours shift
like sand beneath your feet.
It is possible
on such a journey
to wander the constellations,
explore a single leaf on sticky insect feet,
open your beak -
drop twigs from the topmost bough.
On such a journey a person might
revist a lost childhood,
float on an empty ocean,
might fly, fall, marry a pirate
sell their soul for peanuts.
Or simply sit,
in a silent room,
(with whitewashed walls)
watching shadows
of summer leaves
Let me travel nowhere
on rhymthmic wheels
as time unwinds.
Leave me the interstices.
You keep the rest.

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  1. What a beautiful post! Thanks for letting me know about it.